Looking for bespoke?

Business Administrator Apprenticeship

Gain practical business expertise for any industry.

Level 3

15 months

Coaching Professional Apprenticeship

Develop effective coaching skills

Level 5

14 months

Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship

Foundation skills for providing quality customer service.

Level 2

12 months

Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship

Develop a professional knowledge of your business and support its customers.

Level 3

15 months

Inclusive Leadership

Inspiring leaders to create an equal work culture

Level 3 Team Leader

12 months + EPA

Inclusive Leadership Advanced

Developing equity focused leadership.

Level 5 Operations or Departmental Manager

15 months + EPA

Learning and Development Practitioner Apprenticeship

Learn how to create and deliver training to colleagues.

Level 3

18 months

Learning and Skills Teacher Apprenticeship

Gain the skills needed to teach adults and young people.

Level 5

24 months

Level 6 BA (Hons) Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMI)

Develop a detailed understanding in all areas of business management.

Level 6

48 months

Level 7 Senior Leader Masters Degree, MBA (CMI)

Helping senior managers reach their full potential.

Level 7

24 months

Operations or Departmental Manager

How to manage teams, projects or departments effectively and efficiently.

Level 5

15 months

Sales Executive Apprenticeship

How to improve, lead and manage sales within a business.

Level 4

18 months

Team Leader Apprenticeship

Learn how to manage teams and deliver results.

Level 3

12 months

Bespoke training

EDN’s bespoke training programmes and professional apprenticeships are developed with your business in mind.

EDN’s team of experts can create a personalised programme for your business. We do this either by modifying an existing vocational qualification or designing a bespoke course to meet your organisation’s needs.

Interested in developing your own vocational training course? Contact the EDN team to discuss your requirements.