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The benefits of learning at work for your business and workforce

The business benefits of providing development opportunities to your workforce shouldn’t be underestimated in today’s competitive job market. Research has found that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.

It’s worth noting that offering your staff opportunities for personal and career development is no longer seen as an optional job perk. It’s expected by today’s workforce. 

This Learning at Work Week, we’re discussing the main business benefits of offering learning and development opportunities to your workforce.

Attract talent with rewarding opportunities

Modern workers are looking for careers that offer more than just a wage at the end of each month. When considering a new position, people want to feel a sense of enjoyment and pride, to be challenged and feel valued as part of their working day.

Career seekers are driven by development opportunities. There are vast career opportunities with both personal and professional rewards to be achieved working in our growing and fulfilling sector. Offering apprenticeship training to fresh recruits is a fantastic way for someone new to the industry to develop their skillset and visualise a clear career path for their future development.

Demonstrating that your business is invested in your employees’ continuous professional development will help you stand out from other employers and attract the most desirable candidates.

Retain your best employees through upskilling

Retaining good employees is essential – replacing a good worker can be expensive when totting up the costs of recruitment, onboarding, training and admin processes.

Training your employees enables them to grow in self-confidence and feel good about the work they’re doing. By acquiring new skills and developing their knowledge, either through an apprenticeship or vocational training, employees will have a more fulfilling career, increased job satisfaction, and improved quality of their provision.

This makes them more loyal and eager to contribute longer-term to a company that willingly nurtures their growth and progression.

Plug skills gaps with on the job training

Our industry is renowned for its highly skilled and demanding work. However, with issues presented by COVID-19 and Brexit, we’re seeing our employees’ skill sets being stretched further than ever.

A fantastic way to fill the skills gaps in our workers and upskill teams to thrive in more all-encompassing roles is to develop employees with the right values and skills to excel in those positions. 

On the job training, such as an apprenticeship, will enable an employee to develop the key attributes needed to succeed in their place of work, putting what they learn straight into practice. And don’t forget that employees who receive role-specific training become more valuable to an organisation and feel valued in return, giving them the confidence and talent to offer a higher standard of service.

Discover apprenticeship opportunities for your workforce

At EDN, we offer a wide range of apprenticeship and vocational training opportunities bespoke to the demands of your business. Our job-specific training solutions will give your employees the practical skills and abilities they need to excel and develop in their role.

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