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How businesses can unlock innovation – fast!


In business, innovation is often talked about and strived for, but how can you actually make it happen?

You are invited to join world leader in manufacturing, Josh Valman, CEO & Founder of RPD International, who will discuss ways in which business managers and leaders can unlock innovation for business growth. Josh will draw from his own experiences and shine a light on the most common barriers that hold businesses back from being truly innovative.

He will explore the key ways in which managers and leaders can break down those obstacles through careful problem solving, enhanced communication and agility, to ensure long-term business growth. As part of this, we will talk through his distributed creativity business model, which provides proactive steps you can take to tackle these challenges.

Josh is a firm believer that, anyone, regardless of their age, has the ability to enact real change and achieve impressive results through effective teamwork.

What: The 3rd Horizon Event Series brought to you by EDN. Taking inspiration from McKinsey’s three horizons model, this event series brings together leaders from across different sectors to unpick what is needed to foster long-term innovation and business growth.

Here are all the details you need to know:

Where: Via Zoom Webinar

When: 24th November 2021

Timings: 10am – 11am